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Lahti Hosting services

Lahti Hosting is a brand combining various managed hosting services for companies. The services are provided by Itsemast, a company that was founded in 2018 in Lahti. Our main advantages over other managed hosting providers are 0€ set-up fee and 1 free hour a month of maintenance work for every service. We only use industry-grade reliable equipment with duplicate path for power and storage to guarantee reliable fail-safe operation.

Domain management

As a domain registrar, we can get you any .fi domain and handle it for you: DNS management and a static landing page is on us. We can even help you select a catchy domain name for your brand and choose other services that suit your needs.

1-5: 20€ / year / domain
6+: 18€ / year / domain

E-mail hosting

Most businesses nowadays still rely on email for communication, thus sending and receiving emails reliably is important. We can provide you with an inbox that can be used with any email client or through a friendly web-interface.

1-3: 10€ / month / inbox
6+: 5€ / month / inbox

Container hosting

If you are already using Docker, you know what we are talking about. Any software can run in a container, it's easy and secure. We do not have any limits on resource usage, so even the most demanding applications can be hosted.

1-24: 20€ / month / container
32+: 15€ / month / container

Virtual Private Network

Just two words: privacy and security. We stand for freedom of speech and against censorship. With our VPN, you can encrypt all your network traffic and route it through our network, making it impossible to eavesdrop or restrict your access.

1-13: 10€ / month / account
26+: 5€ / month / account